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Agricultural Credit Union and Al Haliç Group

As Al Haliç Group, an efficient meeting was held with our board members Adil ASLAN, Yasser Mohamed ASAAD, General Manager of Agricultural Credit Union Hasan Hüseyin Demiröz and Foreign Trade Manager Murat YILMAZ. As the Agricultural Credit Union and Al Haliç group, exclusivn a distributorship agreement was signed for the country of Qatar. We hope that our agreement will contribute to the export of our country, and as Al Haliç Group, we would like to thank the senior management of the Agricultural Credit Union for their support.



Strategic Partnership Agreement with Future Solutions W.L.L.

As Al Haliç Group, we have signed a strategic partnership agreement with Future Solutions W.L.L, which we host in our Qatar office, which has a large business volume in Qatar trade. Our board of directors was represented by our members Yasser Asaad; Future Solutions W.L.L was represented by the owner Saad Al- Dabbagh. Saad Al- Dabbagh is also the chairman of the Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce. Hereby, we as Al Haliç Group are sure that a strong structure will be formed. Wishing it would be good for our country and nation.